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OK, now it's fall. Next season Sign ups starting soon.

Posted 9/30/2016 12:15pm by Peter Vordenberg.

Fall in the Wasatch is incredible.  We hope you have had the time to get up in the mountains to enjoy it!  Soon it will be arriving down here in the valley too!

Coleman.  Our friendly, passionate farmers make BUG what it is.

Some littl'uns enjoying the gardens.

Tomatoes from the latest delivery.

Pick ups at the farm.

Tomato sacks ready to go.

Such rich color.  You can see the vitamins and minerals!

Colors of fall on the farm.



The humble, hard working garlic is a BUG farm stand out for me.  Super delicious. 

Enjoy friends!  And thanks for being a part of the BUG community!

Next season sign-ups will be starting soon.  Remember we had to close sign-ups this year because we reached capacity, so sign up early to ensure your share!

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