First pick-up: Thursday, May 25th (Half Shares pick-up every other week)
419 WAKARA WAY,  #100

PICK UP: 4 PM - 6 PM
Shares will be just outside the Bright Horizons front door. A B.U.G. representative will be there to make sure you get all the right goodies with your share. Give Carly a call if you get lost. Driving Directions to Bright Horizons from Foothill Drive are below. 

Go East on Wakara from Foothill Dr.
Turn Right at the second driveway past the University of Utah Credit Union.
You will see a sign that says “417 419 421 423 Parking”. When you see that sign, you know it is the correct driveway.
Drive to the back of the parking lot.
Turn left and go up a slight hill.
You will come to a parking lot intersection. Turn left.
As you approach the buildings, on your right, you will see “30 minute Childcare Parking” - park there.
After you have parked, you will see large numbers on the top of the buildings “421”
on your left and “417” on your right. If you look between those buildings, you will see “419”
Walk down the corridor toward “419” all the way to the end.
Bright Horizons is on the right, the east side of the sidewalk. Our staff person will be at a table outside the door with shares waiting for you.

CONTACT CARLY: 801.694.6067