Welcome to B.U.G. Farms!

A Backyard-Grown Urban CSA Farm For Salt Lake City, Utah

Established 2010

Heather harvesting Chard with glorious hilarity

Backyard Urban Garden (B.U.G) Farms is a top 40's heavy but mostly medium listening, muckraking Community Supported Agriculture project that aims to provide the freshest, tastiest, sustainably grown vegetables for our patrons in bustling Salt Lake City.  Following the innovative and practical SPIN farming model, we cultivate a constellation of backyard plots that equate nearly an acre of urban farm-lets that have enabled us to feed up to a 100 families and select restaurants.  In addition to growing produce, we also whip, stew and squeeze-up a keen selection of prepared soups, packaged foods, and juices


  A slathering of our fine deep Maroon Beet Butter

For more information on the many CSA Share options we offer as well as recipes and cooking tips, click on the "BUG CSA" tab, and to sign up, click here. For archived newsletters with anecdotes, visit the "About Us" page, and reach us via our "Connect/FoodWebs" Page.  Enjoy our site, meet us in person, and 'like' us on Facebook for the latest updates, videos and pictures from the farm! 

Please feel free to share your comments, or sign up on our mailing list to get the inside scoop on what B.U.G. is doing, and how to get involved.  We love hearing from you!

The EKSTATISCHE 2014 BUG Farm Crew, from left to right: Coleman Riedesel, Hanley Smith, Alexandra Parvaz, Carly Gillespie and Sharon Leopardi (Founding B.U.G. Farmer), and soon to be pictured Paul Shea!


An heirloom 'mater mélange, and heaps of Hakurei Turnips

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