Welcome to B.U.G. Farms!

A backyard, organically-grown, urban CSA farm based in Salt Lake City.

Established 2010

Backyard Urban Garden Farms or B.U.G. Farms is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) based in the Glendale neighborhood of Salt Lake City, Utah. Since 2010 we have been using organic methods to produce a wide variety of vegetables. Our model is based on cultivating large, unused backyard plots in an urban setting to produce food for the Salt Lake City community. With just over an acre of land we can support 100 members.


Just a reminder, that If you are already dying to get your CSA Shares for next year we have 2019 CSA Share sign-ups available on the website. Follow the link above to sign-up for your shares today! Currently we have Veggie, Fruit, Mushroom, Bread and Egg Shares available.


If you aren't already following us on Instagram you are clearly missing out. Follow us @bugfarms for up-to-date news, photos and mostly fun shots of our urban farming escapades.