Growing Practices

We value the land, life, and resources that make farming possible, and we do our best to take care of them. Although we are not a Certified Organic farm, we do our best to adhere to organic growing standards. Please contact us with specific questions!

We are a chemical free farm; we never use any herbicides in our gardens, or chemical/synthetic pesticides.

. “ Seeds and Plant Starts

  • We strive to buy our seed from organic sources (~95%), and we try to support local and regional seed farmers when we are able to.

  • We start our plants from seed (except for some of our onions and leeks)

  • Our plants are started in organic potting mix

  • Soil Amendments & Soil Health

  • All soil amendments we use are naturally derived and are approved for organic production.

  • We plant cover crops (like peas, rye, and oats) in order to:

    - Prevent soil erosion and leaching of nutrients

    -Add and retain nutrients and fertility in the soil

    -Add organic matter to the soil

    -Retain soil moisture

    Disease and pest management

  • All substances we use to control disease and pests are approved for organic production (i.e. Dr. Bronner’s Soap, Diatomaceous Earth, and Sluggo Plus)

  • We do our best to provide habitat and nectar sources for beneficial insects and pollinators by planting flowers, and allowing some of our herb crops, like cilantro, dill, and basil,to flower before they are removed from the garden

  • We practice crop rotations to naturally break up pest & disease cycles

“The gardener’s shadow is the best fertilizer.”

-Chinese Proverb