B.U.G CSA Payment Plan Information

Check & Vemo payments only

  • Choose Invoice Only option at check out

  • $100 down payment required at sign-up to reserve your share(s) (this can be in the form of a check that you mail to us, or a Venmo payment

  • Make a monthly payments that enable you to pay off your balance by September 1st, 2019

  • Feel free to send multiple, post-dated payment checks, and we will deposit them according to the check dates (to save you time and postage); you can also bring checks to your pick-up host, once the season begins

  • To make payments through Venmo, please send us an email at farmer@bugcsa.com

  • We will update your balance as you make payments, and send you monthly statements via email

Make checks payable to our expanded acronym, Backyard Urban Garden Farms, and address them to:

Backyard Urban Garden Farms 1461 S Cheyenne Street Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Email us at farmer@bugcsa.com if you have any questions!